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louisandeli copy

This blog hasn’t been updated in ages. I apologize.

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#1D Hug


Apparently I’ve become 1DaF. My tumblr is just full of it now.

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Grad School



Hey guys. Sorry it’s been ages since I updated. This month I am at CCA still trying to get my comics MFA. Been drawing a lot of 1D boys.


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Mostly been drawing Hunger Games fanart…..


I need to work on school or anything… something anything…


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#Society6 Store #Update


Put more stuff in my Society 6 store based on my most recent illustrations <3

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Last week I had a dream that I was trapped inside a glass house while a tiger and a vulture sat outside.

After looking up the symbolism of those things in dreams I have come to understand that tigers are power and vultures are insight. It is appropriate that they should be separated from me as in my current life situation I have tried to use both but the invisible wall of ignorance is inhibiting my abilities to reason with people.

So I made some illustrations that started as one image and turned out looking like badges you might earn in your dreams. Dream scouts.

This became very nightvale-y.

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Webcomics and Grad School


Hello everyone! I feel like I haven’t been on here in ages.

Grad school started up again and I have been working on my new webcomic: Bro Hime.

You can go read the first page at: Brohime.com

Official pages don’t start until the 23rd. But I will have something up tomorrow to look at. 

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#Poster #Design for #Mictlan


I made a thing in college.

My second attempt at a brush pen. We had to make a poster for an imaginary place. 

Mictlan is the Aztec underworld. Mictecacihuatl and Mictlantecuhtli rule over this 9 layer scape that includes a river of blood and mountains that shoot knives at you. It takes four years to complete the journey and by the end nothing is left but your heart. But you get to take a guide dog with you. Xolotl. So you won’t be alone. 

Might do a limited print run of these. 

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#Teenwolf “Things in three’s”

ImageFanart. More of it. Perpare- for even more of it. I finally scanned Shoreleave. Boom. 


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#MonstersU #Fanart @DisneyPixar


Saw Monsters University. My favorite part were the monsters of Python Nu Kappa. I drew Britney Davis. 

Post on tumblr.

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